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Why coequal swimwear?

Why equal swimwear?

Lack of gender equality can be found in all parts of society, both large and small. Together, all parts form the whole.

To create sustainable change, it is not enough that we just have opinions. We need to change structures and conditions. By creating a product that is more equal than the one that is generally accepted, and surprisingly little questioned, we also create a tool for making practical actions of valuations.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing a small bikini bottom if you want it, everyone should have that right. But the right must also exist to choose something else. Many girls and women testify that it is very difficult to find a good alternative and then it does not matter what your views are about the choice. If it is not for sale, you have no choice. Unless you go to the men's department and shop, as many do, but we think you should have the opportunity to buy swim shorts designed for the female body.

Here are some topics that often come up when we discuss gender equality in swimwear

Involuntary sexualization

The female body is exploited and sexualized to a greater extent than men. It is not only in swimwear that women's clothing is tighter, shows more skin and places more emphasis on sexiness than on women's comfort. But perhaps it will be most obvious when it comes to swimwear.

We have even received comments from guys about our products that "it's a bad idea, then we have less to look at, on the beach"

It is not women's job to be entertainment for men on the beach. We have the right to choose where, when and in front of whom we show what. And that choice should not be about going for a swim or not. It should be about what choices there are of swimwear.

Bikini Lines

Is not it a very funny (or uncomfortable) concept that swimwear for women is not created based on what the female body looks like, but instead requires the female body to be adjusted to fit the garment?

This can also be seen from the larger perspective where girls and women in many contexts, to a greater extent than men, are told that they are not good as they are but need to be adjusted. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with shaving products, makeup, creams, clothes that hold in / push up or otherwise adjust. There are treatments that bleach, wax, even out, lengthen and "correct" or "improve" in various ways. The list can be made very long.

We think you have the right to do exactly what you want with your body and the right not to do what you do not want. Two equally obvious rights.

In our Shortsis shorts you can choose which hairstyle you want. Your choice.

Being comfortable

"As a girl, you have to think about how you sit," my mother taught me. For guys, it's not as careful. But I think most of us have reflected on how we sit in the little bikini bottom, or checked who is behind it before we bend forward. Many are the mothers who took on something more before we got on all fours on the bridge to fish for crabs with the children, while that thought did not even touch the fathers' awareness that one might need. Have you perhaps also thought that a small sarong or a pair of shorts needs to be added before you go to the beach bar and have lunch? While the guys go as they are, or maybe just add a t-shirt. But going to the restaurant in panties feels wrong.

Now it's time for girls and women too to relax on the beach. Sit as they want, bend over without thinking about who is looking and feel so dressed that they are comfortable even in their swimwear.


Fashion vs. Function

"Just put it in your inside pocket," my dad once told me when I was a teenager. I replied "Dad, I have no inner pocket, it's a girl's jacket, girls' clothes do not have practical functions"

Unfortunately, this is still largely true. Clothes for girls and women are to a much lesser extent practical than clothes for boys and men. There is a much greater focus on just looking good than on being comfortable and practical.

We think this is another inequality that is very mossy.

I have been looking for swim shorts for girls for many years and I have found some here and there. But very rarely have I found some that I am actually comfortable in. They are often hard so that you can not bend or lift your legs, they lack inner panties or elastic in the waist. < / span>

We have put a lot of energy into making our clothes not only very stylish, but also very comfortable and practical. On our shorts, for example, you will find the following practical features

  • Soft travel at the waist that follows the body
  • Lace at the waist that allows you to also secure the shorts exactly where you want them
  • Stretchy fabric for maximum mobility - clothes should not restrict you
  • Airy comfortable inner panties for optimal comfort - which also means that it is not as tight as many bikini bottoms, which is also good for the genitals
  • Colored inner panties for increased life of the garment. A white pantyhose easily gets sunny, especially if you want to be able to swim every day of the month
  • A back pocket with zipper
  • Eyelets - ie small holes - in the sides of the shorts that release any air that collects there when you walk or jump in
  • A size tag that also acts as a hanger

We're here to change a few things - Join us!

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